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  • 9+ Years of experience in salesforce
  • Sr Salesforce Developer
  • 900+ Trained Students so far
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    6th June | 8AM -9:30AM

    15th June | 10AM - 11PM


    28th May | 6PM - 7PM
    4th June | 10AM - 11AM


    • Salesforce Platform App Builder
    • Salesforce Certified Administrator
    • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1
    • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
    • Vlocity certified Platform Consultant
    • Copado Certified Administrator

  • Experienced Salesforce Trainer

    Hareesh is a seasoned Salesforce trainer with extensive knowledge and expertise in both Salesforce administration and development.

  • Comprehensive Skill Set

    Hareesh's training program covers all aspects of Salesforce administration and development, ensuring participants gain a well-rounded understanding of the platform.

  • Customized Training

    Hareesh tailors the training program to meet the specific needs of participants, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

  • Industry Insights

    Hareesh shares valuable insights from his industry experience, offering practical tips and best practices for Salesforce administration and development.

  • Practical Hands-on Training

    Hareesh emphasizes hands-on learning, providing practical exercises and real-world examples to reinforce concepts and enhance skills.

  • Certification Preparation

    Hareesh's training program includes dedicated preparation for Salesforce certification exams, equipping participants with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

  • Continuous Support

    Hareesh provides continuous support even after the training program ends, assisting participants with any queries or challenges they may encounter in their Salesforce journey.

  • Collaborative Learning Environment

    Hareesh fosters a collaborative and interactive learning environment, encouraging participants to engage in discussions and share ideas with fellow learners.

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Module 1 : Introduction to Salesforce

  • Understanding the Salesforce ecosystem and job opportunities
  • Exploring the demand for Salesforce developers in the market
  • Overview of Salesforce certifications and their importance

Module 2 : Salesforce Platform Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the Salesforce platform and its various editions
  • Understanding Salesforce architecture and data model
  • Navigating the Salesforce user interface

Module 3 : Salesforce Data Management:

  • Working with standard and custom objects
  • Creating and managing fields, relationships, and picklists
  • Importing and exporting data using data loader tools

Module 4 : Salesforce Development Tools and Environment:

  • Setting up a Salesforce developer account
  • Introduction to the Salesforce Developer Console
  • Working with Salesforce IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)
  • Introduction to version control systems for Salesforce development

Module 5 : Apex Programming Language:

  • Introduction to Apex programming language
  • Variables, data types, and operators in Apex
  • Control flow statements (if-else, loops, etc.)
  • Writing Apex triggers and handling trigger events
  • Bulkification and best practices for Apex coding

Module 6 : Visualforce Pages and Controllers:

  • Creating user interfaces with Visualforce pages
  • Understanding Visualforce markup language and components
  • Working with controllers and controller extensions
  • Visualforce page navigation and form handling

Module 7 : Lightning Web Components (LWC)

  • Introduction to Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • Building UI components with LWC framework
  • Communication between components
  • Using JavaScript in Lightning web components
  • Introduction to Lightning Data Service

Module 8 : Salesforce Integration and APIs:

  • Overview of Salesforce APIs (SOAP, REST, Bulk, Streaming, etc.)
  • Integrating with external systems using Apex callouts
  • Working with external services and Heroku Connect
  • Building custom integrations with Salesforce Platform Events

Module 9 : Test and Deployment Best Practices:

  • Writing unit tests for Apex classes and triggers
  • Test data setup and test execution in Salesforce
  • Introduction to Salesforce DX (Developer Experience)
  • Packaging and deploying Salesforce applications
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices

Module 10 : Security and Governor Limits

  • Understanding Salesforce security model and access control
  • Implementing field-level security and record-level security
  • Handling security vulnerabilities and best practices
  • Understanding Salesforce governor limits and designing for scalability

Live Capstone Project

Project Details

Salesforce Data Migration and Integration for a Merger and Acquisition

Description: In this capstone project, you will tackle the data migration and integration aspects of a Salesforce implementation for a merger and acquisition scenario. You will perform data mapping, extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes. You will also set up data integration with external systems, ensuring a smooth transition and data consolidation for the merged entities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization for a Retail Company

Description: In this capstone project, you will customize Salesforce Sales Cloud for a retail company. You will configure lead management, opportunity tracking, sales processes, product catalog, pricing rules, and integration with e-commerce platforms. The project will focus on optimizing the company's sales pipeline, improving forecasting accuracy, and enhancing sales team collaboration

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation for a Customer Support Team

Description: In this capstone project, you will tackle the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud for a customer support team. You will configure case management, create support processes, set up a knowledge base, integrate with communication channels, and design a customer portal. The project will focus on streamlining support operations, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing agent productivity.

Salesforce CRM Implementation for a Nonprofit Organization

Description: In this capstone project, you will work on designing and implementing a Salesforce CRM solution for a nonprofit organization. You will configure custom objects, create automation workflows, set up donation tracking, build reports and dashboards, and ensure data security. The project will focus on optimizing the nonprofit's operations, donor management, and volunteer tracking

Training Outline

The course covers essential topics such as Salesforce basics, data management, automation, security, and reporting. Participants gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world projects. The curriculum also includes advanced topics like Apex coding, Visualforce, and Lightning components. With expert instructors and flexible learning options, Webshala's training equips students with the skills needed to excel as Salesforce Admins and Developers.


    • Entry Level
    • 3-6 months
    • No Prerequisites
    • Exam Fees : $200
    Guide & Tips 

    • Mid-level
    • 1-2 years
    • Administrator
    • Exam Fees : $200
    Guide & Tips 

    • Entry Level
    • 3-6 months
    • No Prerequisites
    • Exam Fees : $200
    Guide & Tips 

Why you should choose Webshala?

  • Expert Instructors
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Become CPD Certified Professionals
  • Live Projects
  • 100% Interview Guarantee
  • Continuous job Support
  • Positive Reputation
  • Value for Money

Our Placement

We are proud to announce that our placement record is the best in our region. We have been able to place a large number of students in top companies, with competitive salaries and great benefits. Our success is due to our dedicated team of professional teachers who strive to ensure that students are well-prepared for their job interviews and ready for the workplace. We also provide extensive career counseling services, so that students can make informed decisions about their future careers.


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Salesforce Training Course FAQs

Why should I learn Salesforce from Webshala?

If you're looking to enhance your career prospects in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), then learning Salesforce can be a game-changer. Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud-based CRM software in the world, and it is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across different industries.

However, learning Salesforce can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have prior experience with CRM or coding. That's where Webshala comes in - it is one of the best online learning platforms that provides comprehensive Salesforce training to help you learn the platform from scratch.

Here are some reasons why you should consider learning Salesforce from Webshala:

  1. Comprehensive Course Material: Webshala offers a well-structured and comprehensive course on Salesforce that covers all aspects of the platform, from basic to advanced concepts. The course is designed in a way that is easy to follow and understand, even if you have no prior experience with coding or CRM.
  2. Experienced Trainers: Webshala has a team of experienced and certified trainers who are experts in Salesforce. They have real-world experience in working with the platform, which means that they can provide practical insights and tips that can help you to become a better Salesforce professional.
  3. Hands-on Learning: Webshala provides hands-on training that allows you to practice what you've learned. This means that you will have access to a Salesforce sandbox, where you can try out different features and functionalities of the platform. This hands-on experience is critical in helping you to develop a deeper understanding of Salesforce.
  4. Flexible Learning: Webshala offers flexible learning options, which means that you can learn Salesforce at your own pace and at a time that suits you. You can choose from different learning modes, including self-paced learning, instructor-led training, and virtual classroom training.
  5. Job Placement Assistance: Webshala also provides job placement assistance to students who complete their Salesforce training successfully. They have a network of partners who are looking for qualified Salesforce professionals, which means that you will have access to job opportunities once you complete your training.

In conclusion, learning Salesforce from Webshala can be a great way to enhance your career prospects in the CRM industry. With comprehensive course material, experienced trainers, hands-on learning, flexible learning options, and job placement assistance, Webshala provides a complete package for anyone looking to learn Salesforce.

What are the minimum criteria to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator and App Builder?

To become a Salesforce Certified Administrator and App Builder, there are specific criteria and requirements that you must meet. Here are the minimum criteria for each certification:

Salesforce Certified Administrator:

  1. Complete the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam: You must pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, which consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that you have to answer in 105 minutes. The exam fee is $200, and you must score at least 65% to pass.
  2. Practical Experience: You should have a practical experience of at least six months in Salesforce administration or a similar role.

Salesforce Certified App Builder:

  1. Complete the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam: You must pass the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam, which consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that you have to answer in 105 minutes. The exam fee is $200, and you must score at least 63% to pass.
  2. Salesforce Administrator Certification: You must have completed the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam before taking the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam.
  3. Practical Experience: You should have a practical experience of at least six months in building custom applications on the Salesforce platform or a similar role.

It is essential to note that these are the minimum criteria, and there may be additional prerequisites or requirements depending on your location, job role, or career goals. However, meeting these minimum criteria will give you a solid foundation to pursue a career in Salesforce administration or app building.

What roles I will be playing after learning Salesforce Administration and App Builder Skills?

After learning Salesforce Administration and App Builder skills and getting certified, you can pursue various job roles in the Salesforce ecosystem. Here are some of the common job roles that you can explore:

  1. Salesforce Administrator: As a Salesforce Administrator, you will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Salesforce platform. You will configure, customize and maintain the platform to ensure it meets the business needs of the organization.
  2. Salesforce Developer: As a Salesforce Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing custom solutions on the Salesforce platform. You will write code, develop integrations, and automate business processes.
  3. Salesforce Consultant: As a Salesforce Consultant, you will work with clients to understand their business requirements and provide recommendations on how to best leverage the Salesforce platform to meet their needs. You will configure, customize, and implement the platform to help clients achieve their business goals.
  4. Salesforce Project Manager: As a Salesforce Project Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of Salesforce projects from start to finish. You will ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client.
  5. Salesforce Business Analyst: As a Salesforce Business Analyst, you will work with clients to gather and analyze business requirements, and translate them into Salesforce platform configurations and customizations. You will help to design and implement solutions that meet the business needs of the organization.
  6. Salesforce Technical Architect: As a Salesforce Technical Architect, you will be responsible for designing and implementing complex custom solutions on the Salesforce platform. You will provide technical leadership to development teams and ensure that solutions are scalable, maintainable, and meet industry standards.

These are just a few examples of the many job roles that you can pursue after learning Salesforce Administration and App Builder skills. With the increasing demand for Salesforce professionals, there are many opportunities to build a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

What is the average salary of a Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Admin?

The average salary of a Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator in India can vary depending on a number of factors such as experience, location, industry, and company size. However, here are the average salaries based on recent data:

  1. Salesforce Developer: The average salary of a Salesforce Developer in India ranges from INR 5,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per annum. However, depending on the experience and expertise, the salary can go up to INR 25,00,000 or more.
  2. Salesforce Administrator: The average salary of a Salesforce Administrator in India ranges from INR 4,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 per annum. However, depending on the experience and expertise, the salary can go up to INR 20,00,000 or more.

It is important to note that these are just average salaries, and there can be significant variations based on factors like location, company size, and industry. In addition, these figures may also vary depending on the specific job responsibilities, certifications, and skills possessed by the individual. Nonetheless, both Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Administrators in India are highly sought-after professionals and can expect to earn a good salary with experience and expertise.

Who are the instructors, and how are they selected?

We select instructors who are top SMEs in the industry with a minimum of 8 to12 years of experience in the field of Salesforce. They are all extremely qualified trainers in the field. They are selected after going through a rigorous process, where they are tested for their domain knowledge and training ability.

Does the job assistance program guarantee me a Job?

Webshala is a leading provider of Salesforce training and certification programs that are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem. One of the features that Webshala offers to its students is the job assistance program, which is aimed at helping students find job opportunities in the Salesforce industry. However, it is important to understand that the job assistance program does not guarantee a job to any student.

The job assistance program at Webshala is designed to support students in their job search by providing them with job leads, interview preparation, resume building, and other career-related services. The program is run by a team of experienced career coaches who work closely with students to identify their career goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. They then provide personalized guidance to help students prepare for job interviews and connect with potential employers.

While the job assistance program has a strong track record of helping students find job opportunities, it is important to note that no job assistance program can guarantee a job to any student. The job market is highly competitive, and success depends on a number of factors, including the individual's skills, experience, and job market conditions. Moreover, the job assistance program cannot guarantee that students will be hired by any specific employer or at any specific salary.

That being said, Webshala has a strong network of employer partnerships in the Salesforce industry, and many of its students have been able to secure job opportunities through these partnerships. In addition, the training and certification programs offered by Webshala are highly respected in the industry, and possessing these credentials can significantly enhance an individual's job prospects.

In summary, while the job assistance program at Webshala does not guarantee a job to any student, it provides valuable support and resources to help students succeed in their job search. By leveraging the program's resources and building on their skills and credentials, students can increase their chances of finding a rewarding job in the Salesforce industry.

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